About Us


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Sam’s Produce is family owned and operated farm in Arkansaw, Wisconsin.  In October of 1917 the farm was purchased by Anton Sam.  During his lifetime, the farm was mainly a dairy operation.  It wasn’t until 1956, when Anton’s son, Francis, owned the farm that vegetable production for profit was added.  Melons were the main vegetable crop grown at the time.watermelon picture

Vegetable production has expanded over the years to now include 30 acres of produce, all for the retail market.  We have since stopped milking and caring for cattle, focusing our time on growing vegetables.  We now offer a variety of different crops all throughout the summer and falls seasons.

Our main crops include strawberries (U-Pick and Pre-Picked), sweet corn, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, squash and pumpkins.  All of these are sold at our farm in Arkansaw.  We also sell our produce, with the exception of strawberries, at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

family-picture-640-croppedSam’s Produce is currently owned by Dan and Tammy Sam.  We, along with our three children and granddaughter, look forward to meeting you at our farm or at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market.