Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is our main crop during the summer months. We raise over 20 acres (1 acre is about the size of a football field) and it is all hand-picked fresh every morning.  We stagger our plantings so our sweet corn is constantly ripening.  While it is rare to find a bad ear of corn, our dozens include an extra ear (13) just in case one ear is not up to our high standards.

We sell bi-color sweet corn which is a mix of both white and yellow kernels.

The problem with sweet corn is as soon as it is picked, the sugars and flavor inside the corn begin to break down.  This is why corn in the stores does not have the same taste.  We pick our sweet corn fresh every morning to ensure you are getting the corn with the best flavor.

Freezing Sweet Corn

1. Husk the sweet corn, taking off all of the leaves and silk on the ear.

2. Put 1 dozen corn in a pot of boiling water for 8 minutes.

3. After 8 minutes take the corn out and put it in cool water to cool the corn.

4. Cut the sweet corn off the cob.

5. Put the cut off sweet corn in freezer bags (The Sam’s use 3 cups of sweet corn in each bag).

On average 1 Baker’s Dozen of corn will yield about 8 cups (varies depending on the size of the ear).

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