Roadside Stand in Arkansaw

Sweet Corn

  • $6.00/Baker’s Dozen
  • $3.00/Half Dozen
  • 50¢/Ear

Slicing Variety of Cucumbers————75¢ Each or 3 for $2.00

Pickling Variety of Cucumbers———-50¢ Each or 5 for $2.00

Zucchini—————————————–75¢ Each

Bell Peppers———————————–$1.00 Each

Potatoes (Red or Yukon Gold)————$4.00/Bag

Jalapeno Peppers——————————25¢ Each

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market

Sweet Corn

  • $6.50/Bakers Dozen
  • $3.50/Half Dozen
  • 75¢/Ear


Slicing Variety of Cucumbers————–75¢ Each or 3 for $2.00

Pickling Variety of Cucumbers————50¢ Each or 5 for $2.00

Bell Peppers————————————-$1.00 Each

Jalapeno Peppers——————————25¢ Each