Strawberry Garage

We start off the season selling strawberries and peas in the garage next to our farm.  The address is W7324 County Road P Arkansaw, WI. Strawberries and peas are only sold at this location.

When pulling in the driveway please do not block the checkout driveway and please turn around in the yard if possible when leaving.

Roadside Stand (Arkansaw)

We sell all of our produce after strawberries and peas at our W7272 location at the roadside stand.

The roadside stand is stocked with fresh vegetables everyday from 8am until 6pm.

Our roadside stand is self-service.  Put your money in the red box once you are done getting your produce.

Eau Claire Downtown

Farmer’s Market

We also sell all our produce after strawberries and peas at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer’s Market starting with corn usually in July and ending the season with squash, gourds, and pumpkins in October.  Each year we get a new stall to sell from so we will be in a new spot each year. 

You can find us at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer’s Market

Wednesday 7:30 AM-1 PM

Thursday NOON-5 PM

Saturday 7:30 AM-1 PM

Towards the end of the season in mid-September we usually only come on Saturdays. We will post on our Facebook page when we stop going to the market on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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