We have worked with strawberry growers from Wisconsin and Minnesota to create the following guidelines for the safety of all those visiting our strawberry farm.

These guidelines are all new to everyone so if some aspects of them are not working we will change them so they work better.

We will be following these guidelines this season:

1) For your safety we ask that you do not bring your own pail or flat to pick in. We will provide new cardboard flats for you to pick in free of charge.

2) We will have porta-a-potties and hand washing stations available in the fields for our employees and guests.

3) When on the farm please practice 6-feet social distancing.

4) Children will be allowed in the field but they must stay with their parents at all times.

5) To limit the number of people in the garage we will do some of the checking out in the field and only the first two vehicles in the checkout line will be allowed in the garage to checkout. If you are further back in the line please stay in your vehicle until you are first or second in line.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these unusual times. We apologize for any inconveniences as we work to ensure that our employees and customers are safe!