peasThe peas are usually available in mid-June until early to mid-July.  We grow the eatable pod peas.  We plant 3 different times so there will be ripe peas during the strawberry season.

When picking peas it is important to made sure that you do not pick them too small or too large.  You should be able to feel the pea in the pod and if it is overripe the pod will start to turn white.

u-pick-peasThe peas are located by the strawberries fields.  There will be a little trailer with pails to pick the peas in and you can wander the field picking the peas.  We will have flags between the plantings that have the ripest peas at the time.  Once you are done picking peas you can take them into the garage for checkout where we will put them in a plastic bag to weigh them.  The u-pick peas are the same price as u-pick strawberries.

We don’t pick pre-pick peas for sale.

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