We grown many different varieties of squash that are that are available in September and October.  Squash are ready to eat when the bottom where they sat on the ground is a nice orange color.



Acorn: The flesh is an orange-yellow flesh with a sweet and nutty smooth-texture.  This squash is generally drier than a buttercup or butternut.


Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash: The flesh is a darker yellow color.  It is very stringy and a good pasta substitute.  This is the earliest type of squash we grow.  They are ready to eat when the outside turns a bright yellow.


Orange squash

Sunshine: The flesh is orange and smooth-textured.  It is similar in taste to a butternut.



Buttercup squash

Buttercup: The flesh is dark orange with a smooth texture.  It is generally a little drier than the butternut and is a favorite among our customers.


Sweet Dumpling


Sweet Dumpling: The flesh is yellow with a smooth texture.  It is very sweet and is a Sam family favorite!


Buttercup SquashButternut: The flesh is orange, smooth-textured, and has a unique sweet flavor.

Other Squash

Jester Acorn
Uckur Kuri Squash
Uchiki Kuri
Sweet Lightning
Sweet Lightning