June 12, 2017 Update

With the warm weather and the recent rain the strawberries are starting to ripen faster.

We will have a limited amount of u-pick strawberries tomorrow, June 13th starting at 7 a.m. until Noon or until we are picked out.  It is always best to check before heading to the farm to pick.

We are also taking orders for pre-pick strawberries everyday this upcoming week.  To make sure you get berries call 715-285-5351 after 7 a.m. to place an order.

We sell pre-pick strawberries in a quart for $4.50, 5-qt. pail for $16.50, and a 12lb. flat (approximately 2 pails) for $32.00.

You can bring your own pails to pick in but we prefer you pick in our flats, which we provide, free of charge.  All U-Pick strawberries will be weighed and are $1.65/lb.

Check our daily updates at samsproducewi.com, our facebook page, or call 715-285-5351 after 7 a.m. June 13th for more information on our hours for Wednesday June 14th.

Our first planting of peas are ready! The pea field is located just as you enter the u-pick driveway.  There will be pails to pick in and we will then put them in plastic bag.  They are also $1.65/lb.

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