Produce Update July 8, 2018

With all of the warm weather we are having the produce is growing very quickly.  We are starting to see the first of our earliest produce getting ripe.

Here is a breakdown of how our produce is currently doing:

(Also see our slideshow at the bottom for photos of each of our produce)

Cucumbers: We are starting to pick a few slicing and pickling cucumbers that we are starting to sell at the roadside stand.  At this time we have a limited amount available and will post later when we will have a good supply to sell.

Sweet Corn: We are starting to see brown silks and nice full cobs in our earliest planting.  The corn still needs a little more time to add to its flavor and color.  At this time we are thinking that we will have some sweet corn somewhere between July 13th and July 16th.

Potatoes: We had a few potatoes for supper last night and they were great!  We will have a limited supply available to start but will post when we have a good supply to sell at the roadside stand.  We are growing Red and Yukon Gold potatoes this season.

Zucchini: They are growing very fast and it is looking like we will start getting our first zucchini later this week.

Peppers: We are starting to see small peppers on many of the plants.

Tomatoes: We are starting to see small and a few medium tomatoes on the plants.  The small grape varieties have a few that are starting to turn red.

Muskmelon/Watermelon: They are starting to get nice sized fruit on in our earliest plantings.

Squash: Many of our varieties are starting to get small squash on them.

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