2021 Strawberry Season General Information

Before coming to the strawberry patch for u-pick or pre-pick strawberries, u-pick peas, popcorn, or maple syrup it is important to know some general information.

All pre-pick orders MUST be placed by calling our number: (715)-285-5351. No orders will be taken through our website, social media pages, email, or phone message.

I will no longer be answering Facebook messages or comments due to the lack of time that I have during the day to answer these messages or comments.

Many of the questions that are being asked can be answered by looking at the different pages on our website www.samsproducewi.com:


-Daily Update (will be posted each morning with updated pre-pick and u-pick hours)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Produce Available

-General Strawberry Information

-Directions to strawberry patch/stand

If your question can not be answered on our website (www.samsproducewi.com) please call (715) 285-5351.

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