Produce Update July 3, 2021

While the strawberries didn't like the heat the rest of our produce did! We are fortunate to have overhead irrigation for all of our produce. We have been busy hoeing and weeding our melons, pumpkins, peppers, and mulching our tomatoes the last few weeks. Below are pictures of how our produce is currently looking and … Continue reading Produce Update July 3, 2021

Refrigerated Pickles

Refrigerated Pickles are a Sam family favorite recipe to make with fresh cucumbers. We have a good supply of cucumbers available this morning and will all week! Make sure to stop over for some try the Refrigerated Pickles recipe so you can enjoy them throughout the summer! Refrigerated Pickles 3 cups sugar 2 cups white … Continue reading Refrigerated Pickles

July 19, 2017 Update

We will be picking cucumbers and zucchini fresh daily starting tomorrow and will have them everyday unless sold out. 🥒🥒 The sweet corn season is getting closer  and we will post when the first picking will be ready.